Gibbled Grapes

Gibbled Grapes

Many colors of grapes

Some of different shapes

All grapes can be nibbled

Even if they’re gibbled

I’m a very literal person, and (as my husband likes to say) a “hyper-communicator,” so if you haven’t figured it out, this is a metaphor: it doesn’t matter what color we are or what we look like, we’re all wonderful just as we are!

P.S. Google says that all grapes are edible, but not necessarily tasty. FYI Don’t eat the poisonous grape impostor called common moonseed.

Oops! Missed a day.

Oops! Missed a day.

I fell asleep yesterday and didn’t post, but I woke up in time to take the cinnamon buns out of the oven! Also, I’m going to change post days to WTF instead of MTWTF (i.e. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday instead of Monday to Friday. WTF. Get it? 🙂 ). I bit off more than I could chew (which never happens with cupcakes). I’m using this as an opportunity to put self-compassion into action.

Pet Ant

Pet Ant

Too many details are used to say

Simple directions to drive one way

Allowing small errors, I just can’t

You’re stuck with a pedantic pet ant

My husband says I don’t know the definition of pedantic. WTF! The ant is cute, that’s all that matters.
Just Wear a Mask

Just Wear a Mask

Covid is cramping our style

It’s been here for quite awhile

Let’s work together to make it end

And help continue its downward trend

So stop the spread of the disease

Cover your cough and block your sneeze

If you’re able, please get your vaccines

I promise it can’t get in your genes

Microchip conspiracy is just dumb

Seriously, where did that thought come from?

And it’s really not too much to ask

For us all to wear our freakin’ mask

Pickled Turnips

Pickled Turnips

Granny fills cans with pickled treats

From carrots, cucumbers, and beets

But while drinking her fifth beer

To toast a good canning year

Preserved turnips in whiskey neat

On Christmas Eve she gave me one big jar

Of turnips in whiskey and a cigar

It turned all my poop pink

And pushed me to the brink

So Christmas morning is in the ER

Pickled turnip poop is actually kind of a pretty color