Baby Shark versus Soap Creep

Baby Shark versus Soap Creep

Standing on his soap box

Booming words of hate

At the public crosswalks

As the people wait

Turn the box upside down

Wash his mouth with soap

Push this creep out of town

Bring back words of hope

But twenty feet to the right

A rainbow flag flies proud

Happy music here to fight

Baby Shark be loud

Background: There’s a very awful, homophobic, loud, disruptive man who stands on top of a crate at a busy corner of Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, yelling hateful messages through a megaphone. However, a group of LGBTQ supporters set up pride flags and upbeat music nearby, and Baby Shark tunes overpowered the other gibberish. It was awesome. 🙂

P.S. please let me know the terms or abbreviations to use if LGBTQ is incorrect.

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